Social Media video Advertising wins elections


Why does name recognition matter?

 Politics is about relationships. Having more voters know who you are is important, but there is a big difference between name recognition and a good relationship with a voter. 


Helpful tips for winning city elections

Think beyond signs. If you are not elected, start by building a local reputation for charitable work and good work with your business. Maybe you are a realtor, car dealer or restaurant owner. Being well-known and well-respected translates well to politics and positive name ID.

Start early. Building positive name ID takes time. So the earlier you start, the stronger it will be. Being elected does not guarantee you name ID. If you don’t work at it after an election, your name ID will fade away. Being known is hard work. Ask your favorite reality TV star! So keep at it and use your connection to voters to keep your name out there.

Develop relationships. Work with nonprofits and other groups within the community and develop a positive relationship with the community. Being known for something good is much better than just being known.

Let people know what you do and why it is important. The more voters know about you, the easier it will be to form a good relationship with voters.

Remember name recognition is not the only thing that matters to win a race. Things like job performance and trust matter more.

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