We do studio rentals!

Rental Fee

$80 per hour during business hours 

Mon-Fri (8:30 am- 5:00 pm)

$90 per hour after business hours, weekends & holidays

(2-hour minimum)

Multiple filming areas, special acoustical treatment, professional lighting, white  & green cyclonic wall stages, private bathroom, make-up area, conference area & more. 

1400 square feet Infinity Wall Studio.

Dimensions: 14ft x 32ft x 14ft (L x W x H)

 Call or text (844) 907-7683, after hours (909) 573-7565 or email us at Gary@ProudDigitalMedia.com for more information and/or to get a custom quote. Reserve the studio with 48 hour notice.   

Or check out our Studio Rental Website below!